The process of transfer of operations is very cumbersome and that cause many confusion for all of the loss of some things or of damage and break some when moving furniture, Therefore, it should be done carefully, and it is better to have a practical and guaranteed plan before the transfer is done, In order to enjoy the transfer to a new place without losses.

Before moving the furniture you should follow the following:

A. Priority setting:

Before you carry out the baggage transfer , you must specify a list of priorities that you must do, And you have to write a specific list of things that you will do and contrary to what is followed do the works that do not take a lot of space from the house, Everyone cares about big things that take a long time and you can squeeze in time and don’t find the right time for small things.

2. Limit the duration of the transfer:

Moving Furniture from one place to another takes a very long time so you should put in your accounts to set an appropriate time limit before making the transfer, And find out how many hours are needed to get to the new apartment and find out if the road is right or not, On this you will decide how to move the glass objects preferably in more than one carton and you can put layers of sponge and fine dishes and packaging them well.

3-You transfer the furniture:

It is the most important and most difficult stage that requires you to make a hard effort to keep the portables without being broken into the fracture, Sort all the broken objects in place and it is preferable to write each item on its own box and place it in its own corner in the cart.

Wrap all the wooden furniture pieces with the roll to protect them from being opened or exposed to the insults while carrying out the furniture.

Put all the foundation pieces in the car that will lower your furniture, The position of small pieces and unbreakable glass blocks should be taken into account in the place and other pieces of wood and electrical appliances elsewhere.

4. Access to the home:

After you arrive thank God to the new home make the first step again, which is the list of priorities that you initially set up to review and rearrange all purposes, and here on the contrary, arrange the basic things first and then the secondary objects.

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